In the Goloseevsky district, training is held in the gym, located near the station. m. "Exhibition Center", as well as on the territory of VDNG and Goloseevsky Park. We actively cooperate with schools located on the territory of VDNG and take children to classes on our own. For preschool children aged 3.5-4 years, conditions have been created for training in our kindergarten "Kinder Home" on the  Lomonosova str, 54. It is also possible to conduct classes in the location of your choice. You can get all the necessary information by phone (viber/telegram): +38 073 666-0-999.

Information about coaches is available on the "Coaches" page.

Full-format training, which includes (in addition to the gym) outdoor activities (running, general physical training), as well as involving participation in additional activities (mountain trips, etc.) - based on our experience, the minimum age is set at 6-7 years. It is possible to start classes as early as 3.5-4 years. Read How gymnastics develops all the necessary qualities for success.

It's never too early for anyone to do gymnastics and it's never too late. All the main aspects are given in the article Features of training for adults.

You can find a sports section even cheaper, but there will be the following conditions: a large number of people in one group and an absolutely tortured and uninterested coach. At the same time, it is impossible to achieve sports results even of an average level. If you choose a more professional approach aimed at preparing for competitions, then the majority of applicants will be weeded out as a result of strict selection, and those who pass it should only study in specialized halls 5-6 times a week, which will lead to problems in the educational process and increase the risk of injury.


Mid-price options offer a more adequate approach with the expectation that the practitioners will never become professional athletes, but at the same time, diversification is not ensured (no outdoor training, useful borrowing from other sports, etc.).


In our project, an integrated approach is provided, designed to form a special training regimen that uses the most effective methods of teaching the elements of artistic gymnastics in selected types and special physical training, as well as universal developmental exercises and tempering procedures.

Thanks to the inclusion of various outdoor aerobic exercises (running, jumping rope, elements of general physical training) into the training process, favorable conditions are created for the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases (bronchial asthma).


The basic exercises of gymnastics, aimed at strengthening the muscles and developing flexibility, prevent the occurrence of problems with the musculoskeletal system, which are typical for almost all children who are not involved in sports.


In any case, the presence of serious diseases, you need to consult your doctor and be sure to warn your trainer.

The recommended training frequency is 3-4 times a week. The duration of breaks is 1-2 weeks after 2-3 months of intensive training.

The difficulty of the conditions for conducting training should be determined based on the level of training of those involved, and not be derived from common misconceptions of the inhabitants.

Our approach to conducting classes is precisely aimed at developing the necessary qualities that easily allow us to overcome obstacles that are absolutely unattainable for those who study only in comfortable greenhouse conditions.

The amount of the subscription fee for new students depends on the ratio of the load on trainers and the total number of students. It should also be noted that when forming additional (subsequent) groups, the cost of training for them may be more expensive (i.e., the first participants are always provided with more favorable conditions).