Mountain Hikes

Above the Clouds

The need to change the environment and leave the familiar comfort arises for anyone who has been tightened by everyday routine and who badly needs a  consciousness "reset" in order to thoughts become clear again.

Mountain hikes are an ideal way to accomplish this challenge: the cleanest air and beautiful views above the clouds will relieve you of despondency and give you inspiration to accomplish all goals, while the rough going ascent will clear your mind of any earthly experiences and slow down the passage of time.

This is the main difference from the usual rest kinda of "lying on beach under the sun" style with its lightness flies by in an instant and with fully absence of bringing tangible benefits.

Mountain Hikes

The bottom line

Rest must be a change of occupation, not just an idle idleness.

The choice of more complex options is gonna provide a subjective slowdown of time flowing (one week rest seems like a fully month passing) and with simultaneously giving great benefits for the health.