Skipping is one of the most effective (and energy-intensive) types of aerobic exercise, which made 'em an integral part of training in many sports. But nevertheless for some reason it hasn't become widespread among general physical classes. We believe everyone should be able to perform ordinary unders, absolutely necessarily increasing the difficulty (double/triple jumps, add. weighting) and the continuous duration of jumps over time.

At the very beginning it's better to use an ordinary static rope with a diameter of 8-10 mm: the main goal is to achieve a stable and long-lasting (2-3 minutes) performance of ordinary jumps. The next step is the study of more complex elements on special ropes.

Regular skipping exercises will allow you to strengthen the heart and respiratory system, improve endurance and coordination, and also provide preparation for mastering the basic acrobatic elements.

An Outdoor Skipping is the Most Useful

The bottom line

The availability of equipment and the ability to perform jumps almost everywhere – ain't leaving you any objective excuses. :)

Given the huge positive impact on the development of endurance, coordination and power skills, skipping has to be included in training process of athletes at all levels.